Where's the Love?

     Valentine's Day is a special day set aside to express love to one another, especially those with significant others. Some people have mixed feelings when it comes this holiday. Some say people should show love to each other throughout the year, and I would have to agree. Others may not care for the holiday because they are single, and do not have anyone to celebrate the holiday with. I have been there as well so I COMPLETELY understand.

   I want you all to think about Valentine's Day from another stand point. I want you to celebrate self-love. Self-love is the BEST love you can have. When you love yourself, you do not need the validation of a man, or woman. When you can love yourself, then you can love someone else, and also allow someone to love you. So here is a first step to help those struggling with self-love:

  1. Take pride in your appearance
  • Begin buying a few pieces of clothing to enhance your wardrobe, and begin dressing up just because. I recently did this, and I have had so much fun just putting on clothes and looking really nice.
  • Get a mani and pedi as often as you can. I go to the nail shop by myself and I sit in the pedi chair and get a nice massage, listen to music on my phone, and just enjoy the relaxation and piece of mind.
  • Keep your hair in tact also. This is something I was neglecting for awhile. I got too comfortable with being at home. I work from home so I really did not have a reason to do these things (so I thought). When I started going back to the salon it made me feel so much better because I like the results. 
These are just a few things in the appearance area, and if you're not in the position to spend money on these things, then work with what you have at home. This is just basically a beginning to loving yourself. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. I know this to be true. So let’s not let this time of the year get you down because you did not receive a gift, or have someone by your side. Where is the love? Love starts from within 💕  I challenge everyone whether you are married, single, or in a relationship, take time to truly love on yourself .